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We believe that the body responds better to gentle adjustments and low-impact techniques, rather than techniques that focus on more physical force.

Whether you are interested in seeking relief from a recent problem or a chronic one, gentle chiropractic adjustments can help you achieve your health goals and prevent future injuries from occurring. After receiving a specific adjustment your nervous system is capable of operating free of interference.

Gentle adjustments are safer. By using lighter force the body stays relaxed during the entire treatment. Best of all, gentle chiropractic adjustments often provide results faster than other, more forceful methods.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Your skeletal frame is like the foundation of a house. If your foundation is misaligned, the rest of your home will be uneven. The chiropractic principle is similar; if the skeletal frame is out of alignment then the parts contained within the frame, such as your organs, immune system, and motor control, will not work properly. Chiropractic adjustments realign your skeletal frame and allow your entire body to work together to perform better.

Miscommunication of the nervous system happens when a hard tissue (vertebra) puts pressure on a soft tissue (nerves). In between each of the vertebrae are soft nerves that weave in and out of the vertebrae. When vertebrae are misaligned these soft nerves become compressed, which exerts pressure onto the fragile nerves. The increased pressure contributes to miscommunication between the brain and all the internal organs and is called a subluxation

As a result of the subluxation the involved joint and its associated structures (bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments, and discs) do not function well resulting in loss of motion, pain, discomfort, muscle weakness and/or spasm, and changes in motor control. This loss of function can manifest itself in many ways and may develop gradually without any obvious symptoms such as pain. In addition, patients should understand that such problems may not only precede, but also predispose a future increased risk of injury, pain and degeneration. As a traditional chiropractic explanation clarifies, “Pain is often the last to come. What comes first is declining function and disturbed biomechanics which increase the risk of injury and pain developing.”

Chiropractic, Health and Your Immune System

Chiropractic enhances the communication of the brain with all of the body’s systems including the precious immune system. Regular gentle chiropractic adjustments help restore normal spinal structure and thereby improve immune function. This can help reduce excessive spinal degeneration and associated muscle pain.

In our own practice we have families that depend on chiropractic to stay well and keep their overall medical costs down. Certainly prevention is the key to saving your health and your money. When a person gets adjusted the immune system responds immediately and the body goes to work right away getting the immune system to work on the problem. In our practice we’ve typically seen that as a patient is starting to feel ill if they get adjusted right away the illness runs its course and the body recovers very quickly, instead of lingering around for days or weeks. We have also observed that adults and children who get regular chiropractic care respond much more quickly in this way.


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