Family Care

Your Chiropractic Family Plan

Chiropractic Wellness Should Be A Family Plan!

If you have members of your family at home, don’t leave them there; bring them with you take advantage of our Family Plan. Don’t wait until health problems start! Maintaining a spine once it’s healthy is not only easier, but you will also prevent future injuries from even occurring.

Let us keep your entire family in the best of health with our Family Wellness Plan.

The Family Wellness Plan is designed to allow you to bring your spouse and your children in for the care they need. We understand the problems in health care today, in particular, the high costs of quality care and the lack of insurance coverage for preventive care. With two or more people the cost escalates out of proportion.

At Tishman Chiropractic Centre we believe in Prevention and Wellness care. So we have developed a payment plan that works for you. This plan makes it possible for your whole family to have complete chiropractic care at an affordable cost even when health insurance is not available or denies you this service..


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