The Superbowl took place on Sunday and the Ravens emerged victorious. Every professional sports team and most college teams have chiropractors on their team of health professionals to take care of players. Most athletes who perform at the top of their game utilize chiropractic. Why does chiropractic benefit athletes who are already fit and healthy?

Each Sunday hundreds of players in the NFL take a beating. Let’s face it, football is a very physical sport and those forces that go into a body have a major impact on how the body functions.

Our spinal column functions as a suit of armor for the delicate nerves that supply life force to our bodies. When the communication of the nerves is interrupted, different problems at different times arise. Symptoms such as pain and lack of mobility show up right away, but it is often the problems that occur later that can be traumatic. When nerves cannot communicate, one of the problems is reduced function. After years of reduced function, more serious problems start to show up. Many times people will have no symptoms until a major event occurs.

The time to get a checkup is today. You don’t have to play in the NFL to do damage to your body. Sitting in an office chair for 8 hours a day most days a week is doing just as much damage to your spine as getting hit by a linebacker, just over a longer period of time. The best advice is to get a check up sooner than later. By the time symptoms show up, the problem has been there for years and the treatment course is usually longer. Start healthy, stay healthy, and go Dolphins!

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