What causes stress and pain to form in your body? Misalignment of the vertebrae of your spine can cause you pain, discomfort, lack of sleep, and many other negatives that you would be better off without. It can seem like these aches and pains come out of nowhere. There are some small things you can do which will prevent a big problem in the future.

One of the biggest and easiest ways to prevent problems in the spine is during sleep. We spend one third of our life sleeping. It’s convenient to think that just because you are not aware of any changes occurring that nothing is happening to your body during sleep but that could not be further from the truth.

Turn your neck to one side or the other and keep it there. Before long you will feel pain, soreness, dizziness or neck/shoulder tension. Your body doesn’t like this position standing up. Sleeping on your stomach is the equivalent of holding this position for hours and hours! You are also straining the musculature and ligaments attached to the neck. Over time this will cause multiple problems such as the loss of curve in the neck and low back. This will add extra pressure to the joints and nerves of the spine, which contributes to spinal degeneration.

For many people this is a bad habit that did not cause problems for years and years. If you are stomach sleeper please try to correct this habit before it becomes a problem. Just because you are not having any pain does not meant that a problem is not forming. Pain is the last symptom to show up and the first symptom to disappear after treatment. If you are going to bed at night feeling ok and you wake up with more pain, something is happening during sleep that is causing you problems.

A lot of time pain is caused by improper sleeping position. The best sleeping positions are on your side and your back. If you sleep on your side, a pillow between your legs will distribute the pressure from your legs into your hips, knees, and ankles. Without the pillow there the knees will come together which puts more pressure on the hips and low back. If you prefer to sleep on your back place a pillow underneath your knees to receive the same benefit.

Keep the pressure even throughout all of your joints and you can look forward to great rest the whole night. The body does its best healing during the night when you are asleep. Give your body the best tools to heal the damage from the previous day and you will be at the best you can be for years to come!