In an effort to make sure our cars run well, most of us try to take our vehicles in for regular “tune-ups.” When the car goes to the auto shop, the car is seen by an expert who knows exactly how to keep all of the parts in working order. Thus we can try to avoid any inconvenient breakdowns and we can keep up with the demands of our busy lives. We all know what happens when our cars break down: it can leave us feeling helpless!

When you take your car in for a tune-up with the mechanics, they analyze the inner workings of the engine and other aspects that make the car function well. The same happens when you bring your body into the chiropractor for a tune-up. Chiropractors are trained to be experts in the way that the bones, muscles and nerves function together. We can analyze almost every single joint in your body and determine if they are working well.

Check-ups are gentle, quick, easy ways to know if a problem is occurring. At TISHMAN CHIROPRACTIC CENTRE we will give you a complete spinal examination and will then explain exactly what we found and if we can help you or not. You may be absolutely perfect, and that would be great!

But don’t you want to know for sure? Call us at 561-487-7200 to schedule your checkup today!


Relieves Pain
Increases mobility
Improves athletic performance
Strengthens the immune system
Corrects postural problems
Assists in stress management