A check up is a way to test for problems. When we put our key in the car’s ignition, it goes through a diagnostic scan to see if any parts of the car need service. If the little yellow light comes on indicating you are low on gas, that’s a check up. What happens if you ignore that check up? We run out of gas! It’s up to you whether we follow the recommendation, but isn’t it good to at least have a check up and know for sure what’s going on?

It’s the same thing when you step on a scale to check your weight. Let’s say you have an idea of how much you should weigh before you step on the scale. If you step on the scale and you see that number, everything’s the way it should be, no problems there. If you step on the scale and it’s 10 pounds higher than what you thought it would be, you might consider your current eating or exercise habits. If you step on the scale and it’s 10 pounds lower than what you thought, you may go see a doctor as unexplained weight loss can mean there is a problem.

Isn’t it nice to have these check ups on a daily basis? They are quick, easy ways to know if a problem is occurring. That is exactly what we are offering at Tishman Chiropractic Centre. You are not signing up for lifetime care on the day that you come into our office. What you are signing up for is a checkup. We will give you a complete spinal examination and X-rays if they are required. We will then explain exactly what we found and if we can help you or not. You may get on our table and be absolutely perfect, and that would be great! But don’t you want to know for sure?