There is one word that is the secret to living a long, healthy life. That word is prevention. I think we can agree that it’s easer to prevent a health issue from happening than it is to fix once it starts affecting us. Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

It’s easy to not worry about your health when you’re feeling well. All of us are very busy with work and family matters. Sometimes it’s easy to procrastinate and think “Why put it off today when I can put it off tomorrow.” Joking aside, the best time to get your spine checked is today, when you’re feeling good.

If our spine were on our face we would take better care of it. We don’t wait till our teeth fall out before we take care of them and now we must not wait till our back “goes out” before we take care of it either. We see the dentist when our teeth are healthy to insure that our teeth stay¬ healthy. You can get crowns, bridges, and even dentures, but you can’t get a new spine. You either take care of your teeth and your spine, or they will take care of you.

The chances are HUGE that you will live 30 to 40 years past the age of 50! We want that life to be a quality life. If you start to have pain in the neck and back at age 40 or 50 that is decades of a life with pain!

At Tishman Chiropractic Centre our plan of care is much less time intensive and much less dollar expensive when you’re feeling well. Call us today at 561-487-7200, especially if you’re feeling good! We can keep you feeling good for years to come, and prevent many other health issues from even occurring!